June 28, 2005


The top 5 search terms resulting in hits for my blog this month:

  1. goldtoe
  2. tranny
  3. jason goldman
  4. nut eye
  5. girl kiss
Apparently, I'm living a secret life that's being kept even from me.


dutchashell said...

Hmmm. Girl kiss nut eye, eh?

That does seem secret life-ish, as if you are leaving behind a bread crumb trail to some other you.

Chester said...

Who knew so many people would be searching for information on socks?

Dgcopter said...

Man, I think you're lying. I just tried googling girl kiss and got some porn. Not that I mind. I'm just saying.

goldman said...

Sadly, I'm not (yet) the top result for [girl kiss].

However, who can say what other sites my alterego is running.