December 21, 2005


This Saturday I'm headed to Puerto Vallarta for a sunny beach break from the cold, wet darkness of home. So I figured I should finish posting my photos from my last vacation before acquiring new ones.

Turns out I only took pictures of Arizona during our roadtrip from St. Louis to San Francisco. New Mexico had some great scenery and Las Vegas is full of sights, but nothing really compares to the Grand Canyon ... nothing anywhere.

I feel I've seen similar and more professional photos of the Grand Canyon my whole life but until you see it first hand, it's impossible to understand. In fact, it's impossible to understand while seeing it first hand but it's a much more visceral form of ignorance.

In short then - Grand Canyon: recommended.


goldman said...

Yes - everyone should go as soon as possible.

RobiNZ said...

I was so glad I did a helicopter flight into the Grand Canyon after a conference in Vegas last year. It was a memorable trip. It's huge looking down, as you fly in, but once you land down by the river and look up... the scale of the place is astounding.


goldman said...

Cool! I really want to go back, stay for longer and go down in that beast.

Nice photos.