February 25, 2008

The Giving Tree

February 21, 2008

Making a note here

I was trying to login to to pay my bill. I logged in. And was successful at doing so.

I guess they thought I should stop there.

February 09, 2008

Political contributions from tech employees

The year-end campaign reports filed on January 31 provide information on how candidates raised money. I looked at contributions to four Democrats and five Republicans from five technology companies: Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Ebay and Microsoft. The following graphs show these contributions first by company and and then by candidate. (Disclosure: I've contributed to the Obama campaign.)

Some observations:

  • Ranked by total dollars raised, the top three candidates are: Clinton (38% of all money raised), Obama (29%), Paul (22%). Together, these three candidates took in 89% of the money contributed.

  • Clinton raised the most money with 68% coming from Microsoft employee contributions of $86,360. In terms of raw dollars, both Microsoft and Ebay employees prefer Clinton, Google employees prefer Obama, Yahoo and Amazon employees prefer Paul.

  • Microsoft employees contributed the most money in total at $169,421, but Google contributed the most per employee. Google employees contributed $111,160 which works out to $6.61 per capita (based on end of year head count data). This far exceeds the other four companies' per capita contributions which range from $0.64 (Amazon) to $2.14 (Microsoft).

  • Given the strength of Ron Paul's fund raising, I'd conclude that technology workers skew fairly libertarian. And not as liberal as you might expect given that neither Kucinich or Edwards did not fare particulaly well.

  • The presumptive GOP nominee, John McCain, was in 4th place among Republicans. Huckabee was the worst-performing Republican ($1,550) and Kucinich the worst-performing Democrat ($4,250).

February 04, 2008

He's got the Trinidad vote!

Ed wrote a great post explaining why Obama should be your pick in the primaries. To summarize:

He doesn’t just want to change our government, he wants to change the way that all of us speak about what our government should do.
This is a very good argument. I've been in a lot of arguments about Obama's ability to actually get things done. It's all well and good that folks believe in him, but half the Congress won't. How do you overcome the legislative problem.

The best answer is that you change what people expect of their government. Folks have become used to expecting nothing. We need to change the language around what people think government should do. Obama is the only candidate who can do this.

This also goes to the reason I'm so worried about Clinton as the nominee. Even if she wins - which I feel is unlikely against McCain - the best we can hope for is 4 years of obstructionist government. There will be members of the Republican party calling for her impeachment within the first 100 days.

Ed can't vote because he's a felon (check fraud) an immigrant (Trinidad). Help make his immigrant wishes come true!