August 30, 2006


Vegas is as beautiful as I remembered it in my fevered dreams. It's pretty dead here which isn't great for poker. But the lack of players is made up for by their wealth of inexperience. Honestly, I think games of strip poker played by high school students high on E have been played more competently than the $3/$6 at the Venetian.


FreeCyprus said...

Congrats on being a blog of note!

-- FreeCyprus
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Dear AL said...

Don't you hate it when bloggers don't stick to the subject of your post? It's like "Congratulations! Now look at me!", but we will let you slide this time Cyprus! ;)

I suck at Poker, but good luck dude!

Oberon said...

......strip poker is serious business.....what greater stake?

High Power Rocketry said...

: )

Anonymous said...

Y'all look cool as ahmu--ga,,keep the skull tight on ya head like in the first blog page.

V said...

nice photos :)

Manimala said...

Hmm so many go to Las Vegas to gamble so you wouldn't expect lots of experience within that more representative sample of people. That might be good for you, depending on whether you're experienced or not. But golly gee whiz, maybe you should take up a different, less dangerous hobby, such as swimming or recreational parachuting.

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OhPunk! said...

The VEntian is a disaster my friend.. disaster!

** Shaun **
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Anonymous said...

Excellent Blog

keep it up, dude!