January 22, 2008


The trouble with writing an article on the announcement of the Academy Awards nominees is that the information contained is better displayed in a simple grid. The commentary is either mostly noise or an excuse to pun on the names of movies.

My favorite example of the latter comes from the San Jose Mercury News:

But for the time being, there is hope. And where there's hope, there is Oscar campaigning, which means a very real chance there will be sin without redemption. And possibly there will be blood.
Here's hoping(?) for that sin without redemption outcome.


Chester said...

I just read that same article and I want to say something either snarky or laudatory about it, but...frankly, I don't understand what the hell that writer was trying to say. all.

timoni said...

I actually thought that article was hilarious. I mean, c'mon, what's not to love about this:

" It was the first nomination for the 83-year-old Dee, who is only onscreen for the blink of an eye. She appears to have gotten the better of Vanessa Redgrave of "Atonement" for the supporting slot reserved for geriatric actresses in performances lasting less than 10 minutes."