March 29, 2003


The truth is I can't help myself.

The hardest decision I used to face was figuring out what to eat. Now, my weekday lunch and dinner choices are made for me ... and they're "all you can eat" choices.

Last Thursday I didn't stay at work for dinner and, when I got home, found my own devices sorely lacking. All I had was some apple sauce and a sack of popcorn kernels. So I decided to order pizza from the joint arond the corner. Went to pick it up ... not ready yet. Came back later ... they couldn't break a ten.

(In fact, I don't think they could break anything as all they had in the register was 3 singles, a twenty and a fifty. Honestly, how's that gonna work out for you Pizza Joint Around the Corner?)

I knew this libertarian who used to say that subjecting yourself to any moment of paternalism or dependency was to play the role of the animal being hand-fed by children.

He used to eat a lot of nasty-looking cheese steaks, that guy.

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