July 20, 2003

Fake Hippie Bullshit

Everything was going just fine - I'm watching the VW/iPod ad and digging on the romance between the iPod's curves and those of the NewBeetle. And the bit where the music goes distorted as the lady switches from earbuds to car speakers ... nice.

Then I wonder, "What's this song?"



The Polyphonic Spree! These people must be stopped. Sutter and I saw them when Chris' kickass band, Citizens Here and Abroad, opened up at Slim's a while back.

The Spree is a fucking army of pseudo-hippies draped in white robes that blasts the audience by having 24 people all play the same goddamn thing. And that thing is happy gospel pop rewarmed from the early 70's like some kinda 30 year-old fondue.

And man is it ever a fondue of poop.

They sell the white robes for $30 to the Spree faithful and when I asked Sutter, "Who the hell would pay for that?" He said, "Watch - one day they'll be huge and someone will be jealous that we saw 'em back in the day."

Fucking pre-cogs.

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