May 09, 2004

Out with the old

New Blogger, new blog.

I'm thrilled to have this release out in the wild. In the last couple weeks, our team has really pulled together to get this new version out the door and I'm psyched launch day has finally arrived.

Update: I'm also coming down offa' wicked donut / adrenalin high, and apparently unable to write in more than the trite cliche. But I'm still psched.


dh said...

It looks fantastic. I'm interested in how the new commenting system works, so I thought I'd put one up on your site to see how it's handled. Great work!

Chris Wetherell said...

Love the new template. "Lemon Nut" as two words. Fantastic. You Google kids kill me, I say. I'm slayed!

Dgcopter said...

WooT! Blogger r0x0rz!!!111!!! LOL OMG ROFL

Lane Collins said...

I'm happy to see the dot/period is working out for you.