June 25, 2004

Wooden pickle

I've heard lots of speculation as of late about what wacky tactic the GOP will whip out to turn the tide. Not listed among those at October Surprise are the following:

  • Instead of dropping balloons at the GOP convention, Osama bin Laden will be lowered from the rafters in a cage

  • The GOP will launch a "John Kerry blows goats" smear campaign (courtesy Dave)

  • Bush announces a new reality show: "Who Wants to be King of Iraq?" (Johnny B's vote)

  • Cheney is dropped from the ticket and is replaced by Colin Powell

The last is pretty scary, don'cha think?


goldman said...

Yes, he's be on the outs with Cheney-Rumsfield axis since the pre-invasion of Iraq. But making him VP would be a remarkable way to bring him back in (even if it doesn't actually amount to his ideas on policy being enacted).

Incidentally, above when I say that the "Kerry blows goats" campaign is courtesy Dave, I mean that the idea that this will happen is Dave's ... not the photo proof itself.

And by Dave, I mean not my brother.


goldman said...

The new ad is wacky. As tony pierce points out, I think it's an effective anti-bush piece.

Dgcopter said...

...And speaking of Godwin's Law ...