July 19, 2004


Recently, I had to send the following message to the good people at Netflix:

Hello -

I am an idiot.

I accidentally sent back a non-Netflix dvd in the return mailer. The
movie I was trying to return was Derrida. Instead, I sent you back my friend's copy of the second disc of the Two Towers.

I know.

I just dropped it in the mail this morning (7/10) so you wouldn't have received it yet. But I'm wondering if there's anyway you can send it back to me once you get it. (At my expense, obviously).

Thanks for you help. I love Netflix and have always found it very easy to use.

Which is important, considering the fact that I am quite stupid.
And, what do you know, less than a week later Eugene's copy of the Two Towers was returned!

Right after I sent this message I also ordered a replacement copy from Amazon just in case. I briefly toyed with the idea of not telling Eugene and just replacing the missing disk with the new copy in a covert-Blue-Heaven-this-is-the-same-turtle-you've-always-had style.

In the end, I confessed and now have my own copy of the Two Towers to accidently send back to Netflix! Incompetent honesty truly is the best policy.


Matt said...

This reminds me of a drama that a friend of mine had with greencine over a copy of a movie that he'd mailed back but that didn't show up as having been returned for three weeks or something. He was getting ready to write the email to them, but couldn't quite work up the courage to demand that he be credited for having returned the rental copy of Ass Cream Pies #2. Which I totally understand.

goldman said...

Your "friend," huh?

Yeah - this was the first time I was ever grateful to Netflix for not having porn.

goldman said...

A-ha! But is the purpose of your comment meant to flaunt your knowledge of getting the Derrida reference?!

To explore the meta level of this post, I think I was more interested in figuring out how to write a good support letter than in praising Netflix. (My thought was that a funny support email may get better attention ... I know this is sometimes true).

I will note that I got no indication from Netflix that they found me interesting in any way whatsoever.

goldman said...

Yeah ... and also. Saying I rented Derrida does not a Derrida reference make.

(Incidentally, having watched the documentary I'm not really sure I know what Derrida's deal is. There was this scene where they watched him watching footage they'd previously shot of him ... that was kinda cool.)