September 11, 2004

Street fair

Walking home from dinner just now, I saw a trio of naked 3 year-olds come running down the steps of an upstairs apartment and squeal about on the sidewalk of my street. Their parents were attempting to round them up, but only half-heartedly.

I think it was some kinda toddler Burning Man.


Matt said...

While I do find this anecdote entertaining, I really am just commenting to say that the R. Crumb Philip K. Dick link in your furl is one of the best things I've ever read. It's so fucking cool. Is it me or does it often seem in Crumb's non-profile renderings of faces that the forehead and eyeballs are part of a different face than the mouth? Regardless, it rocks.

goldman said...

Yeah, the Crumb mouths always seem incredibly animalistic to me. I would love to know what hanging out with Crumb and PKD is like.