October 06, 2004

Best Comment Ever

Chris Wetherdeal built a boat out of javascript and sailed to Vietnam. When he returned, he wrote about it on his blog.

But then, via comments, he got utterly dorkslapped for technical inaccuracies in his extremely popular Elvish Name Generator.

Seriously, go look right now. There's a list. With cited sources.

Okay, I'll just quote one of my favorite parts:

3. No mixing of languages from different races. You have Quenya, Sindarin, Ilkorin, Nandorin, and Doriathrin mixed up with Adûnaic. Adûnaic belongs to the men of Númenor only.

Wetherdeal's disrespect of the rich linguistic traditions of the elvish people not withstanding, one has to wonder if the comment was meant ironically. I mean, no one's that serious about Tolkien stuff, right?

1 comment:

Dgcopter said...

Yes, yes they do. One of Katie's cousins (who I got to meet at one point) spoke Elvish fluently. Enough so that he was hired by Peter Jackson et al. to do the translating for the movies. I'm serious.