November 18, 2004


One of the benefits of working in New York is that my daily commute time has been drastically reduced. The 12 hours of flight notwithstanding, this week I'm staying all of 5 blocks away from the office. Of course, those 5 blocks are from 46th & Broadway to 41st & Broadway.

Having the evening stroll home be through the heart of Times Square is a bit odd. Not a good time for quiet reflection.

There are some benefits. I can get a hot pretzel with spicy brown mustard any time I want. As an added bonus, they're heated in same incubator in which the hot dogs grow. So you don't have to eat the most questionable sausage on earth in order to get the smokey-flavor benefits.

Also, my block of 46th St. is home to the Billy Joel dance musical, the production of Beauty & the Beast and a giant Scientology retail center. Tough choice, there.


you know said...

im so jealous!

take pics!!!!

Unknown said...

This line is precious: the most questionable sausage on earth. Nice work.