November 18, 2004

Remembrances of drinks past

As noted on my previous trip to New York, they make a funny chai tea here. So I'm currently sipping cappuccino in a Village cafe where I can surreptitiously steal wifi from some anonymous hotspot. Cheers, cleverly-named open network called linksys.

I don't really drink coffee and haven't had the foamy kind since back in the day when me and others would trek out to busted ass cafes in suburbs of suburban St. Louis.

Sometimes there were open mic nights.

Strong memories coming offa these steamed beans on this caffeinated night in Manhattan.

Update: A guy just came in and went table-to-table trying to sell pocket calculators ... that didn't happen in St. Louis.


J said...

Well, you must not have encountered the Subway Hawkers - they go from car to car begging or selling useless trinkets.

goldman said...

Oh, I've seen that before and we've got a bit of that on BART as well.

The in-cafe pocket calculator sale was a little different. He actually came back and made a second attempt later on.