April 20, 2005

Treetoe in Thousand Needles

...astride her new mount!


Dgcopter said...

Treetoe's a chick? Psh. Everyone knows chicks can't fight.

Brian Clevinger, the guy who writes 8-Bit Theatre (among other things), once talked about how female MMORPG characters get a lot more help from other players than male characters. Is that true?

goldman said...

I think that's true in a lot of online communities. On forums, for example, the conventional wisdom is that you're more likely to get a helpful answer if you sign your post "Julie."

In fact it may be less true (tho' still true) in games because it's well understood that a lot of dudes play female characters.

TWM said...

1. Congrats on the mount -- it makes the game much more enjoyable and was an excellent idea by Blizzard.

2. How do you like the "Honor" system? Personally, I think it sucks and my well ruin the game. You can't quest anymore and if you are under level 55 you spend most of your time trying to avoid being killed by horde (If you are 55 and above you spend most of your time killing horde).

3. I have noticed that female characters do get more friendly attention than male ones. Weird, but somehow genetic I am sure - LOL!

goldman said...

I haven't had any problems with the honor system - but I'm not playing on a PvP server.

Is it just a free-for-all now on those servers? I read on the forums that graveyard camping is now a much bigger problem.

TWM said...

It is horrible. They are not just camping graveyards they are camping transit points and as people come off of gryphs and the like they are killed before they can even move. Raids are everywhere -- mostly 60s who just kill everything they see the moment they see it. From what I can see no one above 45 is questing any longer -- all they are doing is looking for honor points.

I, on the other hand, am trying to avoid it all and continue questing. I didn't mind some PvP activity -- it was a nice thing to do once in a while and it added an element of unexpected danger to the world. But now it is out of control.

I hope Blizzard changes it, otherwise I may drop the game.

goldman said...

Wow - that sounds really crappy.

I was afeared of the PvP servers as I figured that's what it would be like all the time.

Seems like this could all be fixed if the implement the right dishonor system.