April 20, 2005

Treetoe in Thousand Needles

...astride her new mount!


Dgcopter said...

Treetoe's a chick? Psh. Everyone knows chicks can't fight.

Brian Clevinger, the guy who writes 8-Bit Theatre (among other things), once talked about how female MMORPG characters get a lot more help from other players than male characters. Is that true?

goldman said...

I think that's true in a lot of online communities. On forums, for example, the conventional wisdom is that you're more likely to get a helpful answer if you sign your post "Julie."

In fact it may be less true (tho' still true) in games because it's well understood that a lot of dudes play female characters.

goldman said...

I haven't had any problems with the honor system - but I'm not playing on a PvP server.

Is it just a free-for-all now on those servers? I read on the forums that graveyard camping is now a much bigger problem.

goldman said...

Wow - that sounds really crappy.

I was afeared of the PvP servers as I figured that's what it would be like all the time.

Seems like this could all be fixed if the implement the right dishonor system.