May 10, 2005

Two different kiwi reactions to a yank abroad

Shortly before ordering a massive bowl of fried fishparts that I didn't finish but that nearly killed me anyway:

Cute kiwi waitress: Do you know what you would like for dinner?

Me: Uh ... yeah. I think I'll have -

CKW: Oh gosh - where are you from? That is - if you don't mind my asking.

Me: Uh, no. I mean, I'm from San Francisco. California.

CKW (hungrily): Awwww. I just love accents!

: *blush*

Upon being handed my receipt to sign at the Embassy Theatre for a luxury seat ticket to Kingdom of Heaven (after having been strongly cautioned against seeing it by the box office attendant):
Embassy employee: If I could just get your John Hancock, as they say.

Me: Heh.

EE: Not that I'm anti-American or anything.

Me: Meh?

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