June 14, 2005

Magneto was a jew afterall

In the past 3 weeks, I've had 3 BART cards demagnetized. I've got 35 bucks worth of blank magno-tape in my wallet. Turns out you can't do much with that.

In theory you can get your cards refunded at select BART stations, and in theory the ticket refund location at Civc Center is open from 7a to 7p.

But in theory bubble tea is a delightful drink but, in fact, it's just sucking slime globules through a goofy straw. And so, the ticket exchange station is actually only open 10 to 6 - therefore, not useful to commuters at all.

The bigger question in my mind is what's going on in my pants? What heretofore unknown gaussian power has manifested itself in my upper thigh?


Lane Collins said...

Jugger. naut.

goldman said...

Are you saying I look fat in these pants?

'Cause if I had a whole juggernaut tucked into my trousers it would be pretty cumbersome.