June 19, 2005

Treetoe at 60

Treetoe reached level 60 this weekend - the current level cap in WoW.

Joining a guild turned out to be incredibly important in the last few levels. You need folks who can help you through some of the game's better challenges.

Also, it's the only way you can see some of the end-game content. Below, 30 of us are getting ready to battle the devil. You need that many folks just to reach this point and the devil still handed us our pixel shaded asses. Next time, Luciferon!



goldman said...

Thanks! And while I did have a vacation in there to help, I'll admit the last couple weekends have been very WoW-ish.

dutchashell said...

Do you have any funny sound samples from the final battle?

Oh, yeah and congrats on your Night Elf greatness.

goldman said...

A movie would have been good - we wiped in a pretty remarkable fashion (someone walked into a whole nest of fire imps ... they were unhappy to see us).

Also, with that many people the effects are pretty entertaining. You've basically got a battery of mages firing away liked little robed howitizers.