July 25, 2005

All tomorrow's parties

So, honestly, the daily White House press briefings are the most compelling content on the web. The confrontation, the absurdity - it's all there.

But, as others have noted, the reporter from the India Globe, Raghubir Goyal doesn't seem to enjoy the fun as much as others. While everyone else is banging away on "Does Karl Rove still have top secret clearance despite being a jackass?" - Goyal routinely disrupts the journalistic condemnation with some boring ass question about Pakistan. He's like the guy at the naked Twister party who just wants to play Scrabble.

Well, today he has redeemed himself. By going crazy.

Q (Goyal): Scott, lately we have been in the news. My short comment is part of my question. First of all, I am really thankful to the President for inviting me to the grand State Dinner for the Prime Minister of India last week; it was great.

Q (reporter who didn't get invited): I wasn't there --

Mr. McClellan: There are other opportunities.

Q: But my -- one of my comment is that, again, I said before that I am really thankful to this press corps, White House press corps, that you have been so supporting and helpful and also very kind and nice to me for those years -- 15 or for also 25 years here at the White House, ever since President Clinton.

Mr. McClellan: I appreciate that. Let's get to your question, because I do want to try to meet this meeting with --

Q: You're a nice guy. (Laughter.)

Mr. McClellan: -- or make it to this meeting.

Q: What I'm saying, Scott, that why do you have problems that I should ask the same questions that everybody asked, because when the Prime Minister of India is here, I should not ask the same questions everybody is asking. I did the same thing during President Clinton. Why should I ask about Monica Lewinsky when Prime Minister of India --

Mr. McClellan: People in this room have the right to ask whatever questions -- have the right to ask whatever questions they want.

Q: What I'm saying is really that it was a grand -- beyond red carpet -- what India Globe said that Prime Minister of India got from the President and from the United States and also grand -- renewed of new friendship and new relations between the United States and India.

What my question is that from this -- from that grand dinner and red carpet -- beyond red carpet welcome, where we do go and also because I have not seen much in other paper. Like, I didn't come for the last two days, and I didn't see any question on the Prime Minister of India in town, rather than other question. So where -- what President --

Mr. McClellan: The two leaders had a very good visit.

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