October 18, 2005

These Mega Magz balls are pretty hot. And not just because of the name.


Kimmy said...


Rodger the Real King of France said...

Thanks to the new anti spam, blogger test thingy I can't post to my own freaking blog. I guess because after 4 or five trys I was too stupid to type in the right letters and now I get "We're sorry, but we were unable to complete your request." I came here in search of a live persong from Blogger buzz. Help.

Thomas Hawk said...

You CATCHA solution is an unmitigated disaster. I have been unable to post to my blog for six hours. I can no longer use Hello Picasa. When I try to post and type in your bullshit human proof I end up back with "blogger is unable to complete your request."

You have locked millions of bloggers out of their own blogs. Something far worse than blogspam.

Today may finally be the day that I need to get around to moving my blog to Word Press.

What's worse is there is no avenue for assistance with this matter and I'm stuck having to leave a comment on your blog hoping to get some kind of assistance.

Thomas Hawk said...

Help. I can't publish I'm caught in your CATCHA trap. At least say something.

Gene said...

DITTO. I am forced to leave a comment on your blog because I too cannot post on mine, and it is evident no one at the company gives the slightest damn about it, or us.

I too intend to leave Blogger if nothing happens. We've already had to go through months of your outfit's notorious slowdowns. This is the last straw.

Do you have any influence in the organization? Could you get our blogs to work again?

goldman said...

Yes - we'll be pushing out a fix to this problem right away.

Please visit Blogger Buzz for more information about what's going on with Blogger ... there won't really be a lot of updates here.

dutchashell said...

Mega Magz are awsome! (although I was a bit disappointed the first time I played with them... expectations and what not.)
Have you seen PixelBlocks?
They are the new adult toys for geeks....

Brady Westwater said...

I have not been able to post since Monday night. I keep getting this:

006 Please contact Blogger

What the hell does this mean? No one will return my e-mails. What is going on?

Brady Westwater said...

Does this have anything to do with the spam thing? Sometimes I had to type in the code to post on my own blog - but only a few times in the past 48 hours of pure living hell in trying to post.

But no mater what, I CAN NOT POST OR EDIT ANY MORE!

I have sites all over the country linking to a series of posts I am/was doing on a daily basis - and suddenly I can no longer post.

What am I supposed to do?

Again, this is what I get:

006 Please contact Blogger

goldman said...

Brady - your error has nothing to do with spam prevention.

Blogger Support is working on your problem and the best way to get an answer to any question you have is by contacting them.

Brady Westwater said...

All support will do is send me form letter after form letter after form letter - I have 20 of them now - saying there is no problem. And I still can not post.

Is there any way of reaching a real live person over there?

goldman said...

Brady - I understand you're frustrated and for that I'm sorry.

However, this really isn't the best forum in which to get your problem resolved.

I know for certain that folks in Support are looking at your problem.