March 16, 2006

Mashed Tabs

I'm reading DeLillo's Underworld and digging it a bunch. I'd previously read the prologue and its multi-POV retelling of the Bobby Thompson homerun. No one does crowd consciousness like DeLillo. Also, Russ Hodges' call is amazingly captured and, while stretched across several paragraphs, it has this immediate and total emotional effect on me.

Having found the above recording of the call, I was listening to it on my laptop. In the background I heard this lilting, ethereal music that I initially mistook for feedback. I thought, "How weirdly cool that someone set an ambient song as the backing track to 'The Giants win the pennant!'"

And then I realized that I had left the Flash game, Flow, open in another tab.


goldman said...

It's well worth the effort.

Unknown said...

you should read girls, by nic helman. i found him to be much better than delillo