March 30, 2006


I'm not a big lifehacks person, but I did recently optimize my pockets by reducing the number of keys I carry to four (house x2, mailbox and bike) and the number of things in my wallet to five (BART card, check, ID, debit card, credit card).

The latter reduction in force coincided with getting a new wallet, one of those Tumi jobbers recommend by Nelson. I recommend them as well and I now feel much better about my whole pants situation. And I discovered a new way to even further optimize the money clip. Instead of folding your money in half ... fold it in thirds!

I know - it's crazy. Who can fold things in thirds? You can! Like polyphasic sleep, it takes a little getting used to but is worth the effort. In no time, your money clip will be a sleek thing of beauty with no excess dollarage dangling over the sides like so much currency cameltoe.


Unknown said...

dude, nerd up - we've got the same wallet

Mary Flack said...

"You see? I fold it in the Rothschild manner. It lasts longer that way. I've been doing it all my life." She folded each bill separately, lengthwise and then folded it again lengthwise. All new money. All in a little stack. That's the Rothschild way of folding money- that you can't see it. (From THE philosophy of Andy Warhol)

-All I'm gonna do for the rest of my life is quote Andy Warhol. Just so you know.