July 11, 2006


The cable package I had back in college included the NASA channel - a big favorite among my peers. What's not to like about around-the-clock, mostly silent footage of the Earth as seen from space.

It turns out that NASA has brought their ambient broadcast to the Internet. You can watch live coverage of the current space shuttle mission. Which is pretty amazing. Right now I'm listening to the evening briefing of the ISS crew. "Spanky says there are no sardines aboard ISS" ... I think that's code about aliens.

The point is, there's people talking to me live from space! Amazing.


Ignatious said...

heya julian, just wanted to drop by and thank you for the pimpage on the blogger buzz.

you da man.

goldman said...

Sweet! A comment from Bonus Code Iggy.

You can call me whatever you want, homefry.

Kyle said...

I loved leaving the NASA channel on. There would be seeming hours of silence and then suddenly, "...crackle... That's a, um, go. OK. Roger." Or something else inane and unlikely to be parsed. Or the camera would be bumped away from a peek-a-boo view of Earth so that you had an up close view of the window frame or a long survey of a corner of the cabin.

gorgeoux said...

Great tip, many thanks. My mom will be so happy!