January 11, 2007


We're less than a week away from the release of the World of Warcraft expansion pack and it's pretty exciting times in Azeroth. The Dark Portal has opened and Highlord Kruul has been seen rampaging about the countryside.

This afternoon he strolled into the capital city of Ironforge and promptly killed everyone. In a matter of minutes there were hundreds of bodies strewn across the normally bustling halls of the dwarven city. In the end, Blizzard had to restart our server because folks kept engaging the unbeatable badass.

It's the closest I've seen to a natural disaster in WoW and it was awesome. If I had designed this encounter I would have made it so that Kruul left some permanent mark Ironforge. A collapsed wall, scorched cielings ... something. Anyway, it's made me more stoked for the expansion. And I managed to snap a couple sweet screengrabs; one of Kruul in full majesty and the following wherein Krull is bringing down his doomsword upon the head of my wee character.


Dgcopter said...

Hey, that doesn't look like Treetoe...what happened to yer druid?

goldman said...

Treetoe is still rocking it. But everytime you die you have to pay more to repair your gear. Since KRUUL! can kill 100 people at once by shooting out these purple skulls of horror, I figured my level 1 drawf priest would be more suitable for the task.

So let me introduce you to Theoto.