February 05, 2007

Just like it sounds

When I left the Googs almost 6 months ago, I pretty much knew the sort of thing I wanted to do next: A product management role at small startup in San Francisco working on personal content web products where I could help with the tactical decisions for an individual product but also work on bigger picture bidness.

Also, I wanted to work with people who, en route to taking over the world, could enjoy a good 5 hour riff on a punchline-free joke about a baked potato.

I'm happy to say I've found my dream job - next Monday I'm going to work at Obvious as Director of Product Strategy and I'm very excited.

I've got some thoughts I'd like to share later about what I've learned in taking time off ... the short version is: it's highly recommended. But I'm stoked to be able to go work on concrete things again with a bunch of folks I dig. Should be good times.


Biz said...

That baked potato joke kills! It is a key part of our recruiting strategy.

Ted R. said...

The Once and Future Goldman!

Make great things!

Unknown said...

Congrats! That you already know about working with those guys and are doing it again speaks volumes. :)

Gwynneth said...

Glad to hear you got great new job. Good luck!


Greg said...


Sad, yet happy...

Sad we lost you, happy you found a loving new home! You funky little puppy, you!

willotoons said...

that's great news! i'm happy for you all! xo

Anonymous said...

Great news, glad to hear you found a good home. Pissed you didn't visit me down here in your time off though! I'll look you guys up next time I'm in the city.

Anonymous said...



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