February 21, 2007

Wanted: CoolMatcher

I just stared working again and all my Obvious co-workers share their iTunes libraries over the local network. I'd like a small plug-in that just does a simple comparison between my library and theirs.

The first thing I'd like to see is with whom I share the most common musical tastes. It's an easy context-builder for new relationships.

Then I'd like to see what artists are enjoyed by multiple of my co-workers but unknown to me.

I'd think some sort of shared library analyzer plug-ins would already exist, but I couldn't turn up anything. Maybe iTunes doesn't allow programmatic access to the right data.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't do this?

goldman said...

Yup, I know Pandora (Kyle works there? neat!) and They're both great at what they do. But this is much more low-level directed thing.

I'm just looking for a simple analysis of what's the same/different between my library and someone else's. LastFM doesn't really solve this because there's no way to upload your whole iTunes library at once (I've folks for it). It just transmits what your listening to one at a time.

Anonymous said...