March 19, 2007


I worked with Lorna and Michael at the Googs and thought they were a swell bunch of kids.

This past weekend they were all ready to purchase a new car but had to put the kabosh on the whole plan at the very last minute. The dealership has a policy of collecting and keeping buyer thumbprints for a period of 7 years and Lorna and Michael weren't willing to go along with that.

I'm sitting here wearing my EFF t-shirt and even though I know that this policy is totally ridiculous, I'm 75% sure I would have gone along with it. I've got a lot of respect for Mike and Lorna's willingness to walkaway when it didn't feel right.

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Mary Flack said...

Buying a car is quite possibly the worst shopping experience you'll ever have. Even if you're paying in cash, they will not sell to you without some highly personal information and a full background/credit check. I made a bit of a stink about this but they seemed pretty dug in, and in the end they wore me down to a little nublet, and I shamefully caved.

The fingerprint thing sounds very California. I'm pretty sure that wouldn't fly here, but I guess you never know.