July 13, 2007


Had my first sad moment with the iPhone this morning. Music playback kept randomly crashing.

Britt and I diagnosed the problem over granola. The voices that came out of our asses determined it was likely a memory leak caused by the iPhone trying to keep all the apps running in an effort to convey a seamless experience. So a restart was the recommended cure.

In any case, the iPhone is awesome. Even if the battery explodes on its 300th charge it will be a phenomenal success. An annoying success, but phenomenal nonetheless.

It's my favorite gadget in as long as I can remember. I feel as confident that it's the only phone I'll ever need as I did that Super Mario Bros. would be the only game I'd ever need to play. I have named my iPhone as my primary beneficiary; I want it to be well taken care of should something happen to me.

There's a thousand blog posts like this all over right now. Which it makes it all the more funny that Verizon is trying to justify why (thankfully for me) that they decided to pass on being the iPhone's carrier.

Mom reports from vacation in Clearwater, FL that Scientologists have abducted her a local Verizon store has a sign out front that reads "Cancel iPhone service here." I'm guessing they don't have a lot of business.

And Verizon General Counsel Steve Zipperstein's comments that "The jury is still out and we will have to see how the market reacts."

As Jack said "Yeah, the jury's still out ... playing with their iPhones."


Anonymous said...

I'm confused. I thought VZW passed on the iPhone b/c they (Apple) wanted a GSM carrier? So they didn't so much "pass" as "not qualify"?

Gwynneth said...

i think i'm going to wait for the 3G to come out and for them to work out some of the bugs. i played with it at the store the other day and it is definitely the coolest phone i have seen.

are you going to switch out to 3G when it comes out?

it would be cool if i could swap out the sim card...would be annoying traveling abroad and not being able to swap out the sim card.


goldman said...

If you believe Mr. Zipperstein, it sounds like they passed. I haven't looked into the truth of any of it, but if Apple had gone with Verizon, they probably coulda worked something out with Vodafone for the international GSM side of things.

I'll probably end up buying another iPhone if they come out with 3G. I'm hoping that the 2nd generation iPhone is the one I can skip. 3G is also really spotty still here in SF.

Ed said...

Hmm. Fair enough. Sucks for me that VZW passed on it. No way I'm switching to AT&T (I say now), which is atrocious in NYC.

At any rate, I think Zipperstein just realizes that once all the hype dies down, people will recognize the LG Chocolate for the game-changing phone that it is, and come running back. Or something.