August 30, 2007

War debts

Anna sent me Instructions for American Servicemen in Britain 1942, a handbook with advice for GIs on how to get along with the British.

I love the matter-of-fact way it's written. And they did a great job reprinting it to match the style of the time.

Plus, it's got tons of great material to read in a 40s-era newscaster voice.

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Update: If the above doesn't play, try this.


anna said...

Tremendous! I demand more read-alouds.

timoni said...

Just bought it. I'm a total sucker for books that explain What To Do In Other Countries.

Dgcopter said...

Hey, how come Jose and Odeo won't let me listen to this?

goldman said...

Yeah - something seems squirrelly with Odeo. Try this link instead:

Dgcopter said...

Yeah, that doesn't work so well, either. Odeo doesn't know where that page is.