November 09, 2007


On an email about finance, Gmail showed me a sponsored link that read "Cornhole Sets, Bags - - Cornhole Sets and Bags Complete Sets Starting at $79.99."

How could I resist that? Ignoring the danger for NSFW content, I found out that sells "Cornhole, baggo, bags, slopes, whatever it is you call it; is the game sweeping the midwest by storm."

Ah yes, I remember well playing games of cornhole or slopes with the boys growing up in Missouri. Glad to see the game is getting the attention it deserves.


Nelson said...

I certainly played a few games of cornhole with the boys growing up, too. But it was already pretty personal, I'm not sure I need to "make my cornhole experience more personalized"

suttonhoo said...

I find it mostly disturbing that this is the second random reference to "cornhole" that I've encountered in the last 24 hrs.

the first was in a report regarding consumer spending this holiday season. for what's it worth: only Midwesterners care about the cornhole. just not selling elsewhere (or so said the report, which for the life of me I can no longer find...)