March 24, 2008

Calypso bulbosa

Crystal and I went on a great hike near Mt. Tam yesterday and right toward the end we saw a whole mess of these orchids. They bloom in late March and can be seen on the Benstein trail near the Rock Springs trailhead.

They're commonly known as fairy slippers. Which is pretty fruity even for a flower.


Anonymous said...

Two comments:
It is not wise to give site information about where this orchid species grows, for once a site is known to the general public, the plants tend to disappear due to trampling, digging, etc.
Second, I am offended by the homophobic comment by the photographer.

TCG in Wisconsin

goldman said...

I was also concerned about the orchids getting picked but the location is pretty well known and along a signed hiking trail. I can see your point tho'.

On the second point, I certainly can't tell you not to be offended by my statement "pretty fruity even for a flower." It was meant as a gay joke.

But I'd like to think that there's the possibility for jokes about gays (or any group) that aren't destructive but are just funny.

Again, I can't tell you that you should find it funny ... it wasn't, you know, hilarious. But I think there should be the possibility of making jokes about stereotypes that aren't inherently destructive but are instead just about the funniness of there being stereotypes at all.

goldman said...

Oh, I guess there's a second point about context too. That the same statement could be offensive in one context and funny/ok in another.

And also that no context makes explaining a joke funny.