November 27, 2005

Vibrate mode

My cellphone lives in my pants pockets along with an assortment of other technology (including a PowerBook DVI-VGA adapter, but that's another story).

I mention this only because sometimes people call me on Sunday mornings and I don't answer. This is not because I don't want to hang out. This is because on Sunday mornings I don't wear pants.

Please revise all Sabbath day plan-making to account for my pantless state.

Thank you.

November 16, 2005

November 15, 2005

This pirate kicks ass

We briefly lost internet connectivity here at work while I was writing my last post. Fortunately, Pete's new outage notifier let me know! That rocks.

(Note this was a "my internet at work wasn't working" outage, not a "Blogger's down" outage.)

Whither Scott

It's been 6 days since the last White House press briefing with Scott McClellan. I need my fix! Briefings from the national security advisor simply don't cut it.

Last week, the general trend of more and more angry yelling continued. Here's a representative sample from the last briefing on November 9th:

Q: This has nothing to do with the special counsel. This has everything to do with the Ethics of Government Act. And for the record, I would just like to read --

Mr. McClellan: I think, for the record, people can go and look at this on our website. And for the record, this is being asked in the context of an ongoing investigation and legal proceeding, and I've already indicated to you that we're not going to have further comment on it while it is continuing. If you want to --

Q: I would just like to read, for the record --

Mr. McClellan: -- go and read that, you're welcome to do that. But I think other people in this room would like to proceed forward with other questions that they have.

Q: If I can take permission from the other people in this room, may I please read this one section? Does anyone have any objection?

Q: Yes, I don't think we're getting anywhere.

Q: Well, that's not the point.

Mr. McClellan: Okay, there. Thank you.

Q: That's not the point.

Mr. McClellan: Carl, do you have a question?

Q: Wait a minute, let the majority -- let this nice lady speak.

Mr. McClellan: That's all publicly available information.

Q: I know. She just has one more --

Mr. McClellan: Do you have a question? She has to give a question.

Q: She has just one more.

Q: I asked if it was -- I asked --

Mr. McClellan: Let's go to the question. I mean, we can all go and look at that on the website.

Q: Well, fine, but I'll save some time. "Except as otherwise provided in this section, whoever in any matter within the jurisdiction of the executive, legislative or judicial branch of the government of the United States, knowingly and willfully, (1) falsifies, conceals, or covers up by any trick, scheme, or device, a material fact, (2), makes any materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or representation, or (3), makes or uses any false writing or document, knowing the same to contain any materially false, fictitious or fraudulent statement or entry."

Mr. McClellan: It's been put into public record.

November 09, 2005


Here at work, there are snacks every 70 feet or so. Giant candy store bins full of snacks. Which is pretty cool until you realize that you'll want to eat those snacks ... a lot.

I've been eating snacks for about 3 years now. Today, I decided "No snacks!"

Consequently, I'm dying inside.

November 05, 2005


Anna is forlorn for want of ice cream.

November 02, 2005


Haven't been playing a lot of Warcraft recently. But I did manage to join a guild raid in which we attempted to kill Ragnaros, the final boss of Molten Core.