September 30, 2002

And I never went snorkling either

The WWASP programs have an interesting twist on more conventional forms of incarceration - the role of parents. So, you're a wealthy kidowner, but you can't keep the kid from smoking the pot. You can't go to the police because, well, there's not much of a crime there and they can't give the sort of guidance that unliscensed professionals can. Isn't it worth $80/day to send your problem child to Jamaica for rehabilitation. It's 100% hassle-free parenting. Tranquility Bay escorts will even pick up your brat unannounced so there's no time for awkward explanations or goodbyes. The good news is that you, the parent, are still in charge. Afterall this is the eagle way - pay someone to give your child the draconian third-world upbringing you can't be bothered to administer yourself.

Treasure Island

Back to camp and still just sandals on my feet. Quiet stretch mark plus paint splatter vinyl wouldn't be so tough if not for the smell. But I've got run plans and a future without fisheye breakfast wherein all big toes will live lint free. And so I take my showers and try not to clog the drain with feathers. (via mefi)

September 29, 2002

That gray on gray finish of minutes

The highly annoying color display issue has been resolved. More importantly, I've seen Spirited Away which knows a thing or two about color, character design and what happens when a Stink God tries to take a bath.

More than Princess Mononoke, Hayao Miyazaki's last movie, Spirited Away reminds me of most of the ps2 game Ico. The two share a similar tenderness - a feeling that stops short of seeming precious because it is so subtly evoked by the gestures and expressions of the main character. Also like Ico, there is no excess of backstory or mythological explanation. But this doesn't matter as the world shown is so complete that it makes intuitive sense, despite the fantastical setting.

We saw the matinee with a full house of little kids - it seemed to have entertained the good chunk of them ... lots of laughs and some crying in the sad parts. However, there were also those who weren't really buying my 'intuitive sense' argument. One kid in particular was desparate to figure out a variety of unanswerable questions: "Why's the dragon white!? Where does that door go? Why's that girl got hair!"

September 27, 2002

Flacksmith Friday

I don't know how often you find yourself among married folk, but I've always felt the proper response is the gluttonous consumption of seafood followed by emotionally detached frolicking. Eugene also went to the bathroom ... a lot (not pictured).


September 26, 2002

I would never take sand to the beach ... or would I

It was foggy in the city by the bay, but we went to the beach anyway. Did we ever. Fortunately, it was more grey than actually cold. That being said, we marvelled at the psycho-lady (not pictured) who boldly marched into the sea wearing a blue bikini.

By the way, I'm having some "non-display of color" type issues with the individual entry pages ... until a crack team of blog specialists has been able to resolve the problem, uh, imagine colors.


Which do you prefer a hard or soft option

The softlaunch of /goldtoe continues. A links page has been added as well as a picture of a lamp. I need a soundbyte of a goat eating a can of beans and this deal is done. In the meantime, you can have a picture of a backpack.

backpack, yo

September 25, 2002

Birthday Spectacular

26 years old is half of 52 - which is to say, I had an excellent birthday. I started my day with a walk in Diamond Heights wherein I saw that most suburban of fixtures - the playground/stripmall. If you can't get frozen yogurt and takeout chinese immediately after swinging, what's the point? The point is catfish and mashed potatoes at the Lucky Penny. Not to mention a trek into the foggy Presidio for some serious bowling.


September 17, 2002

Introduction: See More

"Very probably, it was not part of the sofa vaudeville of a showoff but, rather, the private exposed achievement of a young man who, at one time or another, might have tried shaving himself left-handed."