September 30, 2002

And I never went snorkling either

The WWASP programs have an interesting twist on more conventional forms of incarceration - the role of parents. So, you're a wealthy kidowner, but you can't keep the kid from smoking the pot. You can't go to the police because, well, there's not much of a crime there and they can't give the sort of guidance that unliscensed professionals can. Isn't it worth $80/day to send your problem child to Jamaica for rehabilitation. It's 100% hassle-free parenting. Tranquility Bay escorts will even pick up your brat unannounced so there's no time for awkward explanations or goodbyes. The good news is that you, the parent, are still in charge. Afterall this is the eagle way - pay someone to give your child the draconian third-world upbringing you can't be bothered to administer yourself.

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janna stonebreaker said...

the fact is that being a parent means that you have an unspoken bond to unconditionally love and protect your child. sending your child away for strangers to raise in another country directly conflicts with your role as a parent. you may as well not have children if you cant handle teenage rebellion, or if you cant rear your child properly, giving them the love, support and attention needed to become a functional adult.