October 20, 2006

After these messages...

I went on a hike in Samuel Taylor State Park today, up near Lagunitas. The hike up to Barnabe peak is a little steep (some 1500 feet up) but the views from the top are quite stunning.

Today was an especially clear day and you could see quite the distance. Having been out of the brilliant California sun for a little while (it really is brighter here) it seemed all the more vibrant.

It also gave me a chance to check out my new camera, a Sony DSC T50. It's a nice improvement over my old point n' shoot (a T1 in the same line). The auto-focus and light metering is much quicker and more accurate, it's the first camera I've had with image stabilization and the touch screen controls are really quick.

Sadly my guidebook performed less well. I ended up on a private road coming down from the peak and was taken some 3 miles out of my way.

But the Cards are in the World Series and I had my best showing ever at my weekly poker game. So how bad can things be.

And with that, we now return to our regularly scheduled European vacation slideshow.

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