January 26, 2003

Just do something you love

There's a great article about the Anticon crew in the latest issue of Wire magazine. It's about as straight ahead a piece of music journalism as you'll find on underground hiphop. Which is amazing because often the artists involved are too busy being aloof and, you know, arty to answer questions sincerely. And usually the writers are too busy stylizing themselves to pieces in order to prove that they get this whole art-hop deal.

I especially like the exploration of Anticon's music as indie punk hip-hop with the focus on DIY and found art. And I love the fact that Dose One seems to live his entire life speaking only in poetry:

"Our lacking in artistic raw talent or schooling is made up for with chance and the willingness to drag a cash register or parking meter back to our apartment because it looks like it belongs there for awhile. It also applies to our sampling nature and open palette collage writing style - basically it's an unlearning adventure in charmed and nervous lives."

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