June 17, 2003

Matrix Re(x3)loaded

So, this past Sunday I saw The Matrix Reloaded for the third time at the Coronet Theater. I'm still incredibly impressed.

And worried about the sequel. I'm sure that whatever the Wachowskis have planned for Revolutions will be great. But I feel it won't be as mind-bendingly wonderful as I initially thought.

Specifically, I now have a $1 bet with Jason Sutter about the trilogy's conclusion. He is of the "nested matrix" camp - those who think that the reason Neo can control the sentinels at the end of the movie is because the "real" world is, in fact, another matrix. I believe that Neo has this real world ability (no quotes) because he is now part-machine. The natural resolution in this scenario is that machines and humans realize their inter-dependence and must combine as the yin and yang to advance together (translation: big fight with Agent Smith).

Anyway, Scott Manning has some great things to say on this topic.

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