June 22, 2004


Today, Bush said: "They are trying to get us to withdraw from the world so that they can impose their dark vision on people."

Impose their dark vision ... so that's like when the Emperor shoots Force Bolts at Luke in order to get him to submit to the Dark Side, right?

I have to say, this is a powerful phrase. I think whoever wrote probably saw Lord of the Rings the night before. You can just picture the forces of Good being beaten back by marauding hordes of barbaric beheaders.


goldman said...

Yes, I hear Spain has completely withdrawn from the world.

The whole country has been relocated to beneath the Misty Moutain and when you go to visit, sibilant customs agents hiss riddles at you like "¿Dónde está la biblioteca?"

starrsoft said...

You post sarcastically, but what you say is true. We must fight the evil in the world. The lack of morals exhibited by certain elements are wreaking havoc in societies around the globe.

goldman said...

What I say is true? Spain has withdrawn from the world?

You post ironically, sir - the lack of morals exhibited by certain elements are wreaking havoc. The most dangerous of those elements are at home.