June 07, 2004

You're talking about memories!

So, yeah, Ronald Reagan's dead.

In 1984, we had an elementary school mock election. I knew that my mom was going to vote for Mondale, but that all my friends (and, it turns out, everyone else) were going to vote for Reagan. I stood in the voting booth for 10 minutes and changed my vote 3 times before finally going with the herd.

I've been dreading Reagan's demise for awhile. Now, it's only a matter of time until Mt. Rushmore and the $5 are remade in his likeness.

However, like Christmas, it seems that by living in San Francisco and avoiding TV you can escape almost any mass marketed phenomenon.

I did see some CNN today. It was Anderson Cooper but without sound. The banner graphic at the bottom read as follows: "Ronald Reagan Remembered - What to Remember."

It's nice that TV wants to be so helpful.


Matt said...

I wanted to share the two things that stick out in my mind about Reagan. 1-That those fuckers renamed the DC airport after he fired all the air traffic controllers. that just sucks. 2-That when I was a wee lad flipping through his older teen brother's collection of west coast punk records I got kinda a negative vibe about the guy.

goldman said...

I like Cuba's official response: "As forgetful and irresponsible as he was, he forgot to take his worst works to the grave. He, who never should have been born, has died."

Natala said...

i have to say...i think it's pretty funny that all the headlines read "Reagan Remembered" when really, for sometime, he couldn't remember much.

Matt said...

Marc Bolan on Rushmore now!