August 16, 2004

Queen of Slime

Last night, I dreamt I was attending a music theory lecture at some Hogwartish fancy pants school where you have to wear a tux and tails, like, everywhere.

The Beatles, as the guests of honor, were exempt from the dresscode and instead wore their Sgt. Pepper's outfits and chatted cattily as we watched a movie on renaissance music composition.

Apparently, the style back in the day was to use a needle and thick, red thread to sew the notes into thin sheets of burnished plywood. The demonstration in the movie - a quick hand effortlessly looping through a dozen quarter rests - was really striking and I very much wanted to take a picture that would capture both the screen and the regalia'd Beatles.

(At the time, Ringo was saying that the symbol for the quarter rest was taken from arabic. Unsurprisingly, Ringo is full of shit - I didn't know it at the time, but the crooked symbol is called the crotchet from the French who also named a style of needlework)

Sadly, the light was too crappy to get a good picture and I was nervous about using the flash and going all paparazzi on the Fab Four who, I'm sure, get that all the time. But I do have this nice one of some slime in Golden Gate Park.

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