September 22, 2004

Bank of America: Aftermath

Contrary to what I was promised, my money was not returned to me at midnight last night. So, once again, I was on the phone with BofA. And, once again, they had no coherent explanation for what had happened.

Eventually, they hypothesized that maybe the banks on the East Coast were just a bit slow. Perhaps because of the recent hurricanes, they guessed. Apparently, in the world of BofA, hurricanes can steal your money.

About an hour ago, they ended up crediting my account so that I can at least withdraw money. The initial deposit is still on hold, because, you know, checks issued by other banks can't be trusted like BofA.

But just to review, my checking account was wrongly wiped out by the Bank of America and by way of explanation I was told:

  • the deposit had been lost
  • a teller had miskeyed the account information and had to be tracked down
  • the various BofA systems simply "don't work well together"
  • a hurricane stole it
And, of course, that this was completely out of the ordinary and has never happened to anyone. But would happen to me again, most likely.


Dgcopter said...

That's what we, in the customer service industry, like to call a "cluster fuck". You should seriously take your money out of that fuckin' bank. That's some lameass shit. And what's hilarious is, when you go to close the account, the rep. is going to say, "May I ask why you've decided to take your money out of BofA?"

Gwynneth said...

i like the "hurricane" stole it explaination the best.

bucky said...

You know I went into a BofA here locally to cash a check given to me by a client. As the teller was handing me money, she casually told me "Of course you know that there is a 5 DOLLAR TRANSACTION FEE for cashing checks here if you do not have an account" Im like wtf? Now you tell me? And you charge me for cashing a check that has been issued by YOUR bank? What a bunch of freaking retards. I wiped a booger on their door handle on the way out.