January 11, 2005

GoogleVocab: The Art of Web-based Lexigraphy

Here's a new game for those who like fifty-cent words and search engines - GoogleVocab!*

  1. Find words for which the first search result on Google is an online dictionary definition of the search term.
  2. Use that word to create a more person-driven result for its use.

Lexigraphy (above) is one example. Obfuscate is another.

Now, obviously, a dictionary result is a perfectly relevant result for many words. However, the best way to learn new words is by actually using them in an appropriate context. And the collective action of such usage will produce a richer web of content than mere dictionary definitions.

Hooray for words!

*This idea is, like, totally unaffiliated with my employer.

1 comment:

Dgcopter said...

Google's adsense gives us the following ad when searching for lexigraphy:

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Mmmhm. Define that word, you naughty whore.