May 23, 2005


From the NYT's article on the rise of evangelical christianity in the Ivy League:

The Christian Union's immediate goal, he said, was to recruit campus missionaries. "What is happening now is good," Mr. Bennett said, "but it is like a finger in the dike of keeping back the flood of immorality."
You know, we stopped referring to bundles of kindling as faggots. Maybe it's time to surrender the beachhead on dike.

Not, you know, because of the inflammatory nature of such terms. Just because, I, for one, cannot hear the phrase "finger in the dike" without giggling.

Especially when the stinky pinky in said dike is holding back a flood of immorality from drowning our nation's elite students in the pungent waters of sin.


goldman said...

Thanks for the pointer - just got done listening to that.

I like the part where Terry Gross stammers around trying to ask the one P'ton student: "How come your not out drinking and screwing like everyone else."

Dgcopter said...

I'm slow. I finally clicked on the link to Bundle of Sticks. I giggled. I thought I was the only one who read that son'bitch in elementary school.