July 01, 2005

Treetoe and Pooch

GamePro has an article about how the endgame of WoW is pretty uncasual - as it relies on 40-man raids and repetitive crawls through the same instances. There's some truth there I think.


Dgcopter said...

Do you at least get an FMV? If not, I guess I'll never get the appeal of MMORPGs.

goldman said...

There's no FMV.

There's no ending, no credits, no setup for the sequel, no big reveal wherein you learn that the whole game is, in fact, being controlled by some quasi-malevolent uber beast who may or may not be your father.

It's not for you.

Dgcopter said...

Man. No ending and you have to convince other people to cooperate with you on quests 'n shit? That's some bullshit.

dutchashell said...

Forgive the color me plum dumb question, but if there is no end, nor credits, nor setup for a sequel... how do you know you are finished?

All the other war craft games have some sort of ending and {if I remember correctly} seemingly hours worth of credits... why not WoW?

goldman said...

There isn't an ending in WoW (or most MMO's) because the gamemakers are trying to create a sustainable world of sorts. In most of these games you can (and people do) play forever. Occassionally new content is introduced to give the high end folks stuff to do, but there's no Last Battle.

The other reason why there's not an ending is that these games charge a monthly subscription fee.

Dgcopter said...

Well, that all makes sense, but I guess I misunderstood your post. Did you kill the Big Bad Boss? Or is this just the current Big Bad Boss until a new one shows up?

goldman said...

The monster above is a Boss in particular dungeon - but not even the main Boss of that zone. In general, the point of killing bosses like this is to get the loot they drop. The folks that kill them aren't doing it for XP or to complete quests - it's just the hope that they'll drop a piece of advantageous gear (some bosses routinely drop particular pieces of phatty loot like set pieces; bits of armor that make a collection.)

In addition to dungeon bosses like this - there are also world bosses. These are much harder to kill (generally taking 40 folks to do it). They drop ridiculously good loot - but obviously not enough to make it worth while for all 40 folks. In the case of these bosses people also kill them for the bragging rights ("didya hear that guild killed Onyxia the other day?").

dutchashell said...

This all sounds very, very gratifying.

Not to mention all the killer pick-up lines you could formulate from "didya hear that {blank} killed Onyxia the other day?"