September 14, 2005

Blog Search launches!


jason said...

Hells yeah!

Gaby de Wilde said...


goldman said...

Thanks very much.

you know said...

hey bro, may i suggest a search filter?

right underneath the "by author" field, how about a "not by author" field - which would remove any reference by either a hater or by oneself.

for example, as a narcisist i am always curious who is talking about me, but if i put my name or url in your search box, i get a lot of results from myself.

i would like to take my blog out of the equation. comprende?


goldman said...

Totally. I had thought that maybe "-inpostauthor:tony" would work ... but it seems not so much.

Gonna look into this one.

Jason Shellen said...

I think you need:

tony pierce -inpostauthor:"tony"

goldman said...


Anonymous said...

I will search for "penguin's rock" tonight.
I thought that Blogger team doing its best was splendid.
Thanks and Congratulations!
(, Happy birthday on September 23, 2005)