January 30, 2003

With announcements

Aquarius Records is quite a fixture in the San Francisco boutique record store world; a peacock diskery of the highest caliber. Their mailing list is highly recommended in that it offers succinct reviews of a huge number of new items each week complete with soundclips. However, nearly the entire staff seems to completely despite Stereolab. As the store philosophy is "We only stock what we like," there aren't typically a lot of negative reviews. Which makes comments like "in my opinion, this new album sees Stereolab retreating even further into the wallpaper that they already have become" come off all the more harsh.

I guess when you're a band specializing in 7 minutes of organ drone punctuated with lyrics like:

"True life embodying pleasure

principle's noblest triumph over

the cowering mendacity

of bourgeois Christian civilisation"

you're going to inspire some difference of opinion.

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