March 07, 2003

Good Lord

More quasi-comical dreams of being hunted. Last night I was pursued by a mad scientist who looked like a cross between Henry Gibson and Dr. Finklestein from the Nightmare Before Christmas. His dastardly plan was to get me locked up in the booby hatch by injecting me with a madness-inducing serum. At least he had a better plan than the shark.

I remember seeing the mapley syrup substance shot into my arm and thinking "Hey, being crazy's not so bad." Altho' there was a loud buzzer that went off just as the madness set in that was pretty annoying.

Later, after I'd been locked up, I heard the same sound while careening through the halls of my asylum. And I remember thinking to myself, as in the end to a sitcom, "Well, there's goes another one off to the booby hatch."

I was a little upset that the dream didn't end at that point ... it seemed like good closure.

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