September 27, 2003


Letterboxing is a particular type of scavenger hunt in which the goal is to decipher a clue leading to a box. The box contains a logbook and a rubber stamp. When you find the box, you stamp the box's book and use its stamp to stamp your own.

So: clue -> box -> stamp & stamp.

Apparently, this all started in Dartmoor, England when a guy left his business card in a bottle. Hobbies have a funny way of getting out of hand. Now there are between 10 and 40 thousand letterboxes hidden in Dartmoor alone and a published catalog listing the clues. Letterboxers have a scoring code to indicate how many boxes they've found and left. And there are funny variants of letterboxes like the Hitchhiker box - a letterbox placed inside another letterbox and moved from place to place when it is found.

Recreation is serious business.

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