October 10, 2003

Why dorks love Belle & Sebastian

From the liner notes to Dear Catastrophe Waitress:

There are four towers to choose from though. Orthanc, Morgul, Tirith and Barar-Dur.

I'm surprised Tolkien didn't give the Hobbits a tower as well.

Well they had a sort of mound.

They (sic) are twelve ways you can pick two towers from four, right?

In related news, in listening to the Themselves remix album, I noticed there's this slowed down sample in Home Work that goes, "He's gone back on his old job - hauling sand. No! He's working at the office, that's right."

It's a quote from Florence Rasmussen, the Sweet Ol' Grandma from Hell, who shows up in the middle of Errol Morris' first film, Gates of Heaven.

Soon I will have all the facts I need.

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